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Boys On Film 4: Protect Me From What I Want
Elliot Tittensor (SHAMELESS) stars as Daz in headlining film PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT.

Eight other films include MY NAME IS LOVE, Iris Prize winner STEAM and TREVOR, which won multiple prestigious awards from Sundance, Teddy Berlinale and even The Academy Awards (Oscar) for Best Short Film.

Boys On Film 4: Pr

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Short Film (11 mins)
A fun, sexy, rocking action spoof where D.E.B.S. special agents (clothes-obsessed and dressed in plaid, pleated skirts) are recruited through the SATs to fight their evil nemesis, Lucy in the Sky, who relentlessly kidnaps Special Agent Amy to have her not-so-evil-way with her.

Winner: OutFest Audience Award Outstanding Narrative Short Film


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It's Not A Cowboy Movie
Last night Brokeback Mountain aired on TV. Vincent watched it and found himself emotionally compelled by the story. Whilst chatting with a classmate in the school toilets, he takes advantage of the break to describe the film as only an adolescent can.

It's Not A Cowboy

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Deep End
When Dane’s older brother comes out, Dane doesn’t react very well. But soon after he has to choose between siding with his homophobic classmates or fighting to support his brother.

Deep End

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