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Director: Wieland Speck
Cast: Sigurd Rachman, Rainer Strecker

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1986,the Berlin Wall divides not only a city, but symbolises the division of the entire European continent. For twenty-five years it has separated families, friends and lovers - and caused the deaths of countless others who dared attempt escape. Travelling from west to east, however, was never such a problem. And so they meet: a trip to another world sparks a chance meeting that will forever change the lives of two young men - one of whom is held captive in the east. This is a ground-breaking film that risked everything to film illegally in East Berlin before the fall of the wall.

DVD/BD Extras:

The story of 'The Wall'
Production notes
Cast/Crew biogs
Extra footage

Cast: Sigurd Rachman, Rainer Strecker
Director: Wieland Speck
Country: Germany
Year: 1986
Certificate: 15
Released: 2002-01-01

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