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Uncle David

Director: David Hoyle, Mike Nicholls, Gary Reich
Language: English
Cast: David Hoyle, Ashley Ryder

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David Hoyle co-directs his feature debut and stars in the title role in this unsettling tale of an uncle and his nephew (pornstar Ashley Ryder). Combines a heightened sense of English normality with the logic of madness.

This low budget, black comedy is David Hoyle's feature debut and he is joined by pornstar Ashley Ryder as his nephew. Both actors are improvising their lines which gives the whole work an edginess, heightened by the atmosphere of an out-of-season caravan-park on the Isle of Sheppey. The banalities of conversation between uncle and nephew are thrown into the realms of the utterly unconventional when we realise that not only are they involved in a sexual relationship but there is a sinister reason for their holiday. We are drawn into a world of disturbing madness, whose cracked logic is delivered with an unnerving avuncular charm.

"As in films like Badlands, Bonnie and Clyde or The Talented Mr Ripley, our sympathy for the characters sometimes eclipses judgment of their actions. The strange British seaside locations, meanwhile, recall the menacing likes of Brighton Rock and London to Brighton. " - Ben Walters - The Guardian
DVD/BD Extras: 3 early sketches of Uncle David, Director & Cast Commentary
Cast: David Hoyle, Ashley Ryder
Director: David Hoyle, Mike Nicholls, Gary Reich
Country: UK
Year: 2010
Certificate: 18
Duration: 95 mins
Soundtrack: Dolby Digital 2.0
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Language: English
Released: 2011-12-05

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