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Director: Damien Rea
Language: English
Cast: Chris Anderson, David Durham

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Scarred - Dir. Damien Rea (10 minutes)

The once handsome Rafi has a recently disfigured face that makes it difficult for him to meet other men. When a close friend introduces him to Joe, Rafi feels strangely drawn to the stranger. Yet he isn’t sure why Joe doesn’t seem to mind his scars and as Rafi knows only too well, appearances are deceiving…

SCARRED is part of the DVD compilation BOYS ON FILM 1: HARD LOVE
And is also part of the collection THE LITTLE BOX OF BIG GAY LOVE (AND OTHER EMOTIONS)

Winner of the PlanetOut Short Movie Awards

DVD/BD Extras:
SCARRED is part of the DVD compilation BOYS ON FILM 1: HARD LOVE And is also part of the collection THE LITTLE BOX OF BIG GAY LOVE (AND OTHER EMOTIONS
Cast: Chris Anderson, David Durham
Director: Damien Rea
Country: UK
Certificate: 18: Length
Duration: 10 mins
Soundtrack: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 16x9 Widescreen
Language: English
Released: 2009-03-09

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