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Director: Jack Lewis & John Grayson
Cast: Rouxnet Brown, Shaun Smyth, Neil Sandilands

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South Africa, 1725. Claas, a young Khoi herder, is found guilty of attempting to re-acquire cattle that had been commandeered by white settlers. He is sent to work in a harsh penal colony, where he meets Rijkhaart, a Dutch sailor who has been convicted and sent to the island for homosexual misconduct. Despite their considerable differences, the two prisoners are inexorably drawn to one another - and before long, their feelings transcend the vast cultural taboos of the time and they become lovers.


"Powerfully moving... and very important today." -

Cast: Rouxnet Brown, Shaun Smyth, Neil Sandilands
Director: Jack Lewis & John Grayson
Country: South Africa
Year: 2004
Certificate: 15
Released: 2004-04-04

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