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Keillers Park

Director: Susanna Edwards
Cast: Mrten Klingberg, Pjotr Giro, Karin Bergquist

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Peter has it all: a wife and children who love him dearly, a comfortable home and a successful career. Whilst travelling in the local tram one day, Peter rings the bell so that flamboyant newspaper vendor Nassim can board. The two men have never met before, yet when their eyes meet a spark is ignited. Peter, afraid that the sexual desires he has struggled to suppress for so long may boil to the surface, immediately exits the tram. Another chance encounter with Nassim in the town centre confirms that their meeting each other was fate. Uncomfortable with the pangs of genuine sexual attraction, yet eager to explore them further with this stranger, Peter eventually decides to meet Nassim on a park bench in the picturesque Keillers Park. They fall in love almost instantly.

However, those around Peter abhor his newfound relationship. His wife divorces him and takes the children. His father and sister disown him and he loses his job. And while the joys of the gay scene and an exuberant nightlife provide short-term excitement for Peter and Nassim, the fate of their meeting one another has sealed another, more disturbing fate, one that will tear them apart.

"An accomplished homoerotic whodunit, one that is compelling from start to finish" -
Cast: Mrten Klingberg, Pjotr Giro, Karin Bergquist
Director: Susanna Edwards
Country: Sweden
Year: 2006
Certificate: 15
Released: 2008-05-26

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