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A Year Without Love

Director: Anahai Berneri
Language: Spanish
Cast: Juan Minuj�n, Carlos Echevarr�a, Mim� Ard�

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It’s 1996, Pablo Pérez is struggling both with turning 30 and being HIV positive. A professor and poet, he keeps a journal chronicling his search for romance in magazine ads, cruising in porn cinemas and picking up men in bars. Eventually, he discovers the S&M scene. Shaking off his insecurities and writer’s block, he delves into this mysterious world with aplomb, embracing both the joys of bondage and a gorgeous man whom he might be able to love.


"This piercingly honest tale of his travel and travails is impressively told" - The Independent

Cast: Juan Minuj�n, Carlos Echevarr�a, Mim� Ard�
Director: Anahai Berneri
Country: Argentina
Year: 2006
Certificate: 18
Soundtrack: Dolby Digital 2.0
Aspect ratio: 16x9 anamorphic widescreen
Language: Spanish
Released: 2006-04-28

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